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Amanda is the founder of Unbreakable Journey. She lives in Richmond, VA with her husband and dog Clark. Amanda was diagnosed with Type 1 Osteogenesis Imperfecta at the age of two. She has suffered numerous fractures during her lifetime. She has never let OI hold her back from living a fulfilling life. Amanda enjoys writing, traveling, shopping, spending time with friends and family. Want to contact Amanda? Email her at Amanda@unbreakablejourney.com or follow her on twitter @oijourney.


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Snowmageddon has struck again! This is the second Wednesday in a row that I have spent at home thanks to inclement weather. I am not complaining, I am grateful.

But, that still doesn’t change the fact that the snow means I remain confined to the house. Partly out of fear from falling, and partly out of fear of driving on slick streets. I know many in the OI community feel the same. Winter is the season of hibernation for many in the OI community.

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Young House Fail

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I love the home improvement blog Young House Love. In theory, Jerad and I are a lot like the couple who run YHL. We both reside in Richmond, love older brick ranchers, and live in a home that is older than we are. And, our dog Clark is just as important as to our little family as their Burger. But, that is where the comparisons end.

Over the past week, we decided to paint Jerad’s office. Sounds simple, right? It wasn’t. It took two days and no less than three gallons of paints to cover the wood paneled walls. Unfortunately, we made a mess… a big mess.

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Wild and Wonderful

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West Virginia is wild and wonderful, and its also the home of my extended family. Over the long weekend I was able to take a short trip to the mountains.

Surprise, surprise… it snowed… and snowed some more… and then some more. Snow can be very beautiful, but it can also be dangerous. At home, I stay indoors whenever snow is on the ground. But, since this was a mini vacation and I was only in town for a few days… I ventured out. However, I only ventured out to photograph my brother and husband sledding.

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