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Amanda is the founder of Unbreakable Journey. She lives in Richmond, VA with her husband Jerad, and dog Clark. Amanda was diagnosed with Type 1 Osteogenesis Imperfecta at the age of two. She has suffered numerous fractures during her lifetime. She has never let OI hold her back from living a fulfilling life. Amanda enjoys writing/blogging, traveling, shopping, spending time with friends and family. Want to contact Amanda? Email her at Amanda@unbreakablejourney.com or follow her on twitter @oijourney.

Welcome, 2015

Posted on by Amanda

Right on time, 2015 arrived.  What will this year begin?!?!

Today I celebrate by 5th wedding anniversary, this week I’ll celebrate 5 years at work, 5 years as a homeowner and in May our pup Clark will celebrate his 5th birthday.  There are more “5’s” looming, but I won’t bore you with my list of 5’s.

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December- Finding Rudolph

2014- A Year in Review

Posted on by Amanda

I have mixed emotions about saying goodbye to 2014.  It has been a year of change, a year of learning, lost dreams, new dreams, and a better understanding of what is truly important in life.

Jerad had lost what he thought was his dream job in September of 2013.  He/We were devastated and relieved.  Jerad and I entered the year as a statistic… another family receiving unemployment benefits.  The loss of his income was financially devastating, and emotionally freeing. We tightened our budget and settled in for the bumpy journey that would come.

On December 31, 2013, we had no preconceived notions about what the year 2014 would bring.  All we knew was that 2014 would be a simple year, a year of getting back to basics.

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RIP Stella Young

Posted on by Amanda

I didn’t know Stella, all though it seems many in the OI community did.

I came across Stella’s TedTalk on my flight to Hawaii in late October. I was impressed by her candor and humor. And, she was right on the money.  Being disabled does not make you an inspiration. Her untimely death is a devastating reminder that life is short and tomorrow isn’t promised.

In honor of Stella take some time this week and view her TedTalk.

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