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Star-Spangled Strawberry Pie

Posted on by Amanda

Trust me, this pie is amazingly easy to make and sure to be crowd favorite. You’ll want to try this recipe out for your July 4th cookout.




  1. Place one of the piecrusts into the pie pan.
  2. Fill the shell with the strawberry pie filling into the pie pan with the crust.
  3. Roll out the second piecrust on a flat surface.
  4. Begin to cut stars out of the piecrust. Place the starts to the side.
    1. Hint: Keep the star cuts in a circular area. Stay away from the edges.
  5. Take the fork and place marks around the perimeter. This will seal the two piecrust together.
  6. Layer each star on the crust area of the top layer.
  7. Bake pie as directed on the Pillsbury Box.



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