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Fracture Free Friday: What shouldn’t I say to someone with O.I.?

Posted on by Sandy

Here are a list of a few things that I have been told, or have heard being said — and my response is usually a silent groan followed by a disapproving shake of the head.

  1. Maybe you should just drink more milk or take calcium supplements
  2. Getting a cast must be so cool
  3. Do you want the kid’s menu?
  4. You can read?
  5. Can you do normal things?
  6. Do you go to the bathroom by yourself?
  7. Where’s your neck?
  8. Why is your head so big?
  9. Where is your mom?
  10. What’s wrong with you?
  11. No one is going to hire you, they don’t want the liability
  12. I wish I could experience a broken bone just once in my life

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Sandy is a 20-something rabble rouser who has spent most of her life as a student in the classroom. This makes for her first foray into the "real world" frequently humorous and everyday a learning experience. She was born with OI type III in Boston, MA and recently became more involved in the OI community with her daily blog posts. Sandy can't promise picture perfect answers to the questions you have, but you can bet she'll freely tell you her opinion on everything under the sun. Check out her daily blog at: http://perfectlyimperfecta.blogspot.com

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