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Atticus Shaffer

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Atticus Shaffer. You’ve probably never heard of him. But, you will recognize him as one of the stars of ABC’s new show The Middle.  This spring, it was revealed in People Magazine that Atticus is a member of the OI community and so is his mother. His mother is Type 1, the same form that I have. Atticus is Type 4. When asked about Osteogenesis Imperfecta he responded, “It’s a small portion of me and nothing more.  I take extra precautions where I step to make sure it’s safe.  And I shouldn’t do anything with heavy lifting or anything that could make me slip and fall.” HollywoodMomBlog.

Here are a few clips of Atticus goofing off with a flip camera:

Here’s a clip of Atticus on Jimmy Kimmel last year:

Here is describing his character on The Middle:

I hope we see and hear more about Atticus in the future! What a great role model for OI kids?!?

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